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Massive Smash Bros Switch Rumor: New Move-sets, Characters, Characters Changes, New Game UI & More!!

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The following information has been compiled over the past month and a half, all information coming from a singular source. Source will not be named for the sake of anonymity. The following list of information contains details on playable characters, character reworks and general information on the game in question. If you have any questions regarding the following content, I will do my best to respond, but do keep in mind that details are scarce. Nintendo is apparently doing their best to make sure that crucial information on this game doesn't get out to the masses before E3.

General Information:

-Super Smash Bros for Switch is indeed a sequel. The game's UI and Announcer are both brand new.

-Super Smash Bros Switch will borrow animations from Super Smash Bros 4, but all character models are remade from scratch.

-There are no planned cuts for Super Smash Bros Switch. The three clone characters, (Dark Pit, Lucina, Dr. Mario), will all be returning. There is no information on how much of their moveset will be the same.

-There is no current information on new modes for the game.

-The big draw with newcomers this time around is that they're mostly attuned to fan demand, both feedback from the community but, more importantly, the Smash Bros Fighter Ballot.

Playable Characters:

According to my source, this is apparently the most difficult subject to find information on. As a result, they provided me a small list of characters, some that they KNOW are going to be playable and some that sound like they'd fit the playable role but have no confirmation on whether or not they are as of this time.

Confirmed Playable:


-Design and colors are based off of Splatoon 1

-Long range fighter with slow movement speed, can improve mobility with ink

-ink stays on the ground and drastically improves movement speed with their side special

Ice Climbers:

-No new moves, only balance changes

-Nana now does less damage

-Nana cannot grab the opponent


-Both heavier and stronger

-aerial laser is now angled down, blade is a light meteor smash

-mobility is more sluggish

Captain Toad:

-Trapper/set-up character who excels at controlling the stage

-uses the likes of minecarts, treasure stars and more to attack

-Final Smash features the Draggadon


-Aerial fighter that can transition between the ground and the air seamlessly

-both taller than Bowser and Wider than DK (but not by much)

-has long range, but can be punished by alot of attacks

A New Pokemon:

My source is confused on this, as instead of being given a playable Pokemon name, he was given a list of Pokemon names that would be appearing in the game. While there is no info if any of these Pokemon will be playable, several Pokemon stood out from the list, namely the likes of Decidueye, Tapu Koko, Mimikyu, Incineroar, Necrozma, Marshadow and Zeraora.

Simon Belmont:

-Ranged character who uses a long-range whip as his main weapon

-Has access to Castlevania items, including throwing daggers, crosses and holy water

-Final Smash is unique to Smash Bros

Heihachi Mishima:

-A Combo character who makes up for a lack of range with powerful attacks

-All attacks are taken directly from Tekken

-Certain attacks can be chained into one another for combos, like jab combo into side tilt.

-Final Smash is taken out of Tekken 7, being Heihachi's rage art


King K.Rool



Rex & Pyra

Monster Hunter


Character Reworks/Changes:

-Certain characters will be receiving moveset changes with Super Smash Bros Switch

-Zelda and Sheik are staying seperate characters, as are Samus and Zero Suit Samus.

-All of the eight original characters are receving changes. The few examples given are Mario receiving Cappy, Donkey Kong is getting a new final smash and Samus receiving her melee counter from Metroid: Samus Returns

-There are no reports on how much Link has changed, but it is confirmed that Champion Link is the main Link in Smash Switch. There is no Twilight Princess Link

-Samus and Fox both have updated designs. Samus has her design from Samus Returns and Fox's design is taken from StarFox Zero

-Donkey Kong and Bowser now have voices similar to their in-game counterparts as opposed to animalistic grunts. Nothing has been said regarding Diddy Kong

-There is no current mentioning of a Breath of the Wild Zelda

-Wario's shoulder tackle is returning

-There is currently nothing on changes for characters like Ganondorf, Falco and Jigglypuff


Pokemon Direct Coming

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