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Injustice 2 (PS4) - Grind for Starfire Epics/Starting Atrocitas- 9/7/17

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⏬ ⏬ Stream Times, Specs, Games & Other Channel Info Below! ⏬ ⏬
I'm now streaming to Mixer, YT & Twitch for every stream!
If you'd like to donate and have it appear LIVE on air, use this link:

⏬⏬ Stream Info & Upcoming Games ⏬⏬
Prime-time Weekly Schedule (Subject to change, due to real life!):
Monday - OFF Night
Tuesday - Canceled
Wednesday - FFXII: Zodiac Age - 9PM to 11 PM Central
Thursday - FFXII: Zodiac Age - 9PM to 11 PM Central
Friday - OFF NIGHT
Saturday - FFXII: Zodiac Age - 9PM to 11 PM Central
Sunday - Horizon Zero Dawn NG+ - 7PM to 11PM Central

Currently streaming: Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age (PS4), Horizon: Zero Dawn (NG+)
Upcoming streams: TBD

There are random streams during the weekend, and holidays; which include ARK, Hearthstone, Friday the 13th, World of Warcraft & more!

Some possible Injustice 2 after each stream, for about an hour, because you guys are loving it so much!

Got some more recommendations for me to play? Let me know in chat!

⏬ About My Channel ⏬
I'm a creator with a building community of viewers and friends! My online, and real life, persona is mix of crude humor and hopeful truth. I try to spread a feel-good message with every video, and help spread the love for awesome games, both Indie and AAA!

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⏬ System Specs & Gear ⏬
Processor: AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core Processor 3.5 GHz
RAM Memory 16.0 GB
Video Card: nVidia GTX 1070 8 GB ARMOR OC Editon
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10
Mouse: Logitech G5
Keyboard: Desert Cobra
PC Headphones: Tacsama Studio Set
Microphone: Blue Yeti Multi-Pattern Mic
PS4 Headphones: Turtle Beach PX24
PS4 System: Uncharted 4 Special Edition
Xbox One System: SOON!

⏬⏬ Channels ⏬⏬

⏬⏬ Discord Info ⏬⏬
Discord? Sure! I'm not always in, though!
Only rule is to keep any background noise minimal.

⏬⏬ Aliases ⏬⏬
Steam: SilentFan85
Battle.Net Tag: SilentFan85#1378
PSN: Barun_Limnas
XLIVE: Seeker1985 (No Xbox... yet!)

XBox Club: Official SilentFan85 Squad
PS4: SF85 Silent Squad
Injustice 2: Silent Justice Guild (D8XJN)
ARK Viewer Server is available for PC. Private message Silent in Discord, for more info!

⏬⏬ Subscriber Goals ⏬⏬
500 Subs: Check!
1000 Subs: Check!
1500 Subs: Check!
2000 Subs: Soon!
5000 Subs: A guy can dream! :D

⏬⏬ Social Stuff ⏬⏬

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Consider sponsoring me? Such benefits! Much wow!

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Amazon Wishlist:
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⏬ Donators & Recommended Channels ⏬
Special thanks to the following donators:
ZowieGaming, choobacca, FeenixFeather, Jared Carter, Catv, Adamziomal & JT Bethards Gaming!

Recommended streams:
Longbows_Bane (Jared):

(Unofficial) 31-Hour World of Warcraft Record Breaking Stream!

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