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10 Crazy Attempts at Immortality Throughout History

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10. People Want To Have Themselves Done In And Uploaded To The Cloud
9. Rich People Today Are Infusing Themselves With The Blood Of Young People
8. The Blood Countess Bathory Did Whatever Necessary To Get Younger People’s Blood
7. Drinking A Potion Made With Menstrual Blood To Stay Young
6. Some Scientists Believe Studying Box Jellyfish Is The Key To Immortality
5. Gilgamesh Tried To Become Immortal And Learned A Great Lesson
4. Qin Shi Huang Tried To Become Immortal By Drinking Mercury, Among Other Things
3. People Are Being Cryogenically Frozen After Death, Hoping One Day It Will Work
2. The Monks Who Mummify Themselves To Death In The Hopes Of Achieving Immortality
1. The Man Who Injected Himself With Extracts From The Testicles Of Guinea Pigs And Dogs

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