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എന്താണ് പ്രൊമോഷൻ ? നമുക്ക്‌ ഒന്ന്‌ അറിയാം | What is promotion

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In theatersEdit

Trailers are a mainstay of film promotion, because they are delivered directly to movie-goers. They screen in theatres before movie showings. Generally they tell the story of the movie in a highly condensed fashion compressing maximum appeal into two and half minutes.Film postersSlideshows - stills, trivia, and trivia games from the film, shown between movie showtimes.Standees (freestanding paperboard life-size images of figures from the film)Cardboard 3D displays, sometimes producing sound

Television and radioEdit

Hollywood movie distributors spend about $4 billion a year to buy paid advertising (30-second TV commercials, newspaper ads, etc.) and over half that total is placed on broadcast and cable TV, which are the main vehicles for advertising movies to audiences. TV is effective because it is an audio-visual medium – like film – and can deliver a vast audience quickly, which is crucial because films typically don’t linger in theaters more than 4–6 weeks, according to Marketing to Moviegoers: Second Edition.[citation needed]Product placement: paid active or passive insertion (as on-set posters, and action figures) of film brand in drama or sitcom shows, or as passing mentions in dialogue. For example, 20th Century Foxcommissioned an I, Robot-themed motorcycle, featured on two episodes (2:17, 2:18) of American Chopper.The film Memoirs of a Geisha was placed throughout an episode of the TV show Medium.[4]Extended placement: full episodes of television talkshows (Oprah), entertainment news programs (ET), or network news programs (20/20), devoted to compensated exposure of the film, stars, clips, director, etc.In addition, interviews with actors and directors which are filmed en masse at a hotel with local and national entertainment reporters which are featured on local news shows, programs on cable networks, and series such as Byron Allen's series of entertainment series like Entertainment Studios.Production and paid broadcast of behind-the-scenes documentary-style shows, the type of which are mainly produced for HBO, Showtime, and StarzAdvance trailers, longer previews, or behind-the-scenes footage on rental videos and DVDs


Virtual relationship hyperlink marketing, wherein a major search engine (like Yahoo's main page) offers articles seemingly presenting interesting news related items, but which are actually back-end loaded with a links page containing multiple "mental references" to film characters, storylines or products. Example: Bond, Transformers, etc..., are connected to scientific invention news stories about advanced weaponry or robotics discoveries, which quickly leads the reader to pages loaded with the latest 007 or Megatron movie clip or art director's fantastical ideas and designs, thus hooking readers with a "bait and switch" story.Creation of standalone studio-sponsored per-film websites such as "".Online digital film screeners: These digital film screeners have the benefit of letting you send individual copies of your film or a promo to the press, sales agents, distributors etc. Using them its simple to send individually controlled copies of your film to various recipients with different expiry dates. Along with the security of individual expiry dates, you can see reports of who viewed your film and track their viewing of the film.Viral marketing: free distribution of trailers on movie-oriented websites and video user-generated-content websites, and rapid dissemination of links to this content by email and blogs. Includes alleged leakage of supposed "rushes" and "early trailers" of film scenes.[5] Sometimes, the efforts go further such as in the lead time to the successful premiere of the film, The Muppets which was preceded by several original film shorts on YouTube over a number of years while the film was in production.Creation of Internet Marketing campaign using Paid Advertisement and Social Media Marketing


Paid advertisement in newspapers, magazines, and inserts in books.Cross-promotion of original book or novelization, including special printings, or new cover jackets ("Now a major motion picture.")Comic special editions or special episodes


Paid co-branding (Eragon in American Chopper-two episodes), or co-advertising (Aston Martin and James Bond films)[6] of a product with the filmPromotional giveaways: branded drink cups, toys, or food combinations at fast food chains

Promotional tours and interviewsEdit

Film actors, directors, and producers appear for television, cable, radio, print, and online media interviews, which can be conducted in person or remotely. During film production, these can take place on set. After the film's premiere, key personnel make appearances in major market cities or participate remotely via satellite videoconference or telephone. The purpose of interviews is to encourage journalists to publish stories about their "exclusive interviews" with the film's stars, t

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